This Sunday: GUEST SERVICES!: 11am Central | 11am B.Leys | 11am Oadby | 11am Braunstone | 11am City | 6.30pm UpperT
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David and Susan Hind are the Senior Leaders of TLC. They have been married for over 29 years, they have two grown-up sons, Sam and Tom, a daughter-in-law, ‘the lovely Philippa’, and three beautiful grandchildren- Annabelle Grace, Rosie Hope, and Zoe Faith. @davidhindtlc @susanhind
James and Claire Prestwich are pastors in TLC and the campus pastors of TLC Central. James also sits on the TLC eldership. They have four children, Joel, Sam, Hope, and Solly; and a beautiful daughter-in-law, Rachel. @JapChat @claireprestwich
Rob and Susan Green are the campus pastors of TLC Beaumont Leys. They are proud parents and grandparents.
Richard and Sue Smout are the campus pastors of TLC @ Oadby and the leaders of Open Hands. They have two children, Hannah and David. @SmoutSue
Rob and Silmara Gale are the Campus Pastors of TLC @ Braunstone. They have two children, Carys and Myah. @robjgale
Josh and Alice Smith are pastors of TLC City Campus. Josh is also the Youth Pastor of TLC and Alice is the TLC Children’s Administrator and Worship Director. @happytobesmit @alicerebekahhh
Tom and Philippa Hind are the Campus Pastors of TLC @ UpperT. Tom is also the Children’s Pastor. They have three children, Annabelle, Rosie, and Zoe. @tjhind
Mary Asagba is a pastor in TLC. Mary also sits on the TLC eldership.
Jo Spain is the Operations Manager at TLC.
Katie Bruce is the Finance Manager at TLC.
Resham Sohota is a Pastor working with our seniors.
Chris Wright is our Technical Co-ordinator and a Youth Leader in TLC.
Brian and Marje Niblock led TLC for over 20 years and continue to serve with us in their ‘retirement’. Brian also sits on the TLC eldership.
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