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TLC is a city church of hundreds of people of all ages from over 50 nations. We love God and love people and are passionate about compassion, discipleship, mission and you.

We are one church currently meeting as 7 campuses – TLC Central, TLC Beaumont Leys, TLC Oadby, TLC BraunstoneTLC UpperT, TLC City and TLC Unit.

Every group of people has a ‘culture’ – it’s the glue that holds something together, the beliefs and behaviours that characterise it and make it what it is. The developing culture of TLC can be expressed in three short phrases:

We love God, love people and are passionate about Jesus, discipleship, compassion, mission and you.

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David and Susan Hind are the Senior Leaders of TLC, working with a group of brilliant Elders, Trustees, Campus Pastors, Staff and 100s of leaders

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