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TLC - The Next Seven Years…

1. To Keep the Foundations

We are a Jesus centered, Word and Spirit Church made up of men and women, young and old, rich and poor from every nation. We keep His commission and message central. We believe nothing is impossible for God. We are led by Godly, accountable, senior leaders, elders and staff.
We empower 100’s of TLC people to be and make disciples. We love God passionately and love people extravagantly.

2. To Plant Campuses

Why campuses?

  • To reach lost people in the community they live
  • To release more people in leadership and involvement and impact through church life

By Oct 12th we will have 6 TLC campuses with 7 services – on that date we will have sent out 300 people into these campuses and have retained an army of people at the central campus. We will plant a new campus every year and in 7 years we expect we will have between 12-15 campuses in TLC containing around 2000 people in total. Alongside campuses in Beaumont Leys, Oadby, Braunstone, Highfields and the Compassion Unit, we are pioneering 2 new services at TLC Central on Sunday mornings. Susan and I will be leading these with a large team of leaders. At 9am and 10.45am we will be pioneering again and there is room for people looking for Jesus.

3. To Develop New Buildings

The Upper Tichborne street building is a vibrant centre for the community and, in our current thinking, a long term Highfields campus. However we will eventually need a new central campus venue and central administration centre. Therefore we are pursuing the plan to either purchase land or develop an existing building or take on a long term lease for our central campus.

We see all of our central youth and children’s groups and administration based there. If possible, we would like our Compassion Centre at the same venue but in the short term we will remain at the current garage site for the next 18 months. This building does not have to be in Highfields. Our prayer is that there will be significant building developments in 2015.

4. To impact more lives

As a church, a conservative estimate would be that we are impacting around 6500 people through our campuses, compassion work, schools groups and ministry outreach and over 10,000 simply through each of our connections with people. We believe as the church grows over the next 7 years we will impact tens of thousands of people. Long term, our heart, along with other Jesus centered, Bible believing churches is to impact a million people in Leicestershire with the good news of Jesus. To prepare for this, we will give people tools, opportunities and confidence to go and influence their world for Jesus. We will put the responsibility of reaching out into the hands of every one of us.

5. To Increase our Giving and Generosity

God has met every need in TLC over the last 7 years. Through the generous giving of the TLC people, we have been able to pioneer dynamic ministries impacting thousands of lives. To plant new campuses we will need resources beyond our current levels. The vision for new buildings, staff, budgets, equipment and an ongoing commitment to mission and generosity give us an opportunity to grow. We anticipate a time for a special offering towards a building next year. Right now, we have new costs with campuses and supporting people within our church who are in significant need.

6. To Pioneer New Ministries

Over the next 7 years, we will pioneer dozens of life groups, training courses and amazing youth, children and young adult ministries that impact 1000’s of people and we will aim to do everything to the best of our ability. We will run dynamic courses for people looking for Jesus and find unique ways of outworking compassion relevant to every campus. All of this will be alongside worship and prayer and a dependency on Jesus. We will be a kingdom church, celebrating other churches and, where we can, partnering with others. We will release people to pioneer new ministries, creative projects and pastoral care that reaches people for Jesus and leads to strong disciples.

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